Meet our team

The caring and friendly atmosphere at Green Roots Nursery is apparent as soon as you walk through the door. Our team are always very friendly and approachable. Your child will be cared for in a secure and safe environment that maintains a comfortable and homely feel.


Our Green Roots Education Team is made up of caring and passionate teachers and teaching assistants who all bring something special to our family here. We believe in inclusivity and building on each other’s strengths to ensure that your child gets everything they need to flourish, learn and grow. Our educators speak multiple languages and come from varied backgrounds creating a rich experience where your child can truly belong and be celebrated. We offer a fun and bubbly environment where your children can learn grow through a space filled with love and laughter. We believe that each child is an individual and as educators we will value and develop each child’s skills, abilities, and knowledge to extend their learning through play as it provides the children opportunities to explore, create, discover and imagine.

They have a passion to be there for each child in personally meaningfull ways, which then flourish into meaningful positive relationships. Our Green Roots Educators strive to always reach for the stars and provide the children with a variety of tailored & spontaneous learning opportunities for them to blossom and learn about the world around them. The team supports children to learn about themselves by becoming involved and a part of their learning journey by creating a safe, welcoming, caring environment. We constantly invest in professional development through courses, seminars and meetings, and are doing personal work to be able to offer our children the best version of ourselves. We believe education is ever-changing, for this, we continuously revise our logistics, projects and materials to ensure we are attending the curiosity and needs of every generation.