Infants (45 days – 12 months)

The infant room of Green Roots is a comfortable space for children to feel at home in a natural and secure setting. The serene environment will aid in the young child’s development and independence while providing nurture and contentment each day. Our infants will be provided with a multi-sensory environment, peaceful rest opportunities, furniture and materials to encourage developmental milestones, and loving care and supervision to ensure healthy growth in these precious early days. Activities in the infant room include free floor time, discovery of the senses, motor development, music and movement, nature exploration, and relaxation and slumber. The Green Roots’ infant is respected as a unique individual and given opportunities to develop in a natural and independent manner. We encourage our infants to be involved in every interaction, giving them opportunities to feel connected to each other and caregivers.


Our qualified and caring educators will meet your baby’s individual needs, and happily adapt to your baby’s routine. In this first year of care your baby will experience:

Sensory stimulation to spark curiosity

Fine motor skill


Flexible feeding and sleep routines

Personalised care from our qualified educators

Singing, art, music and
physical development

Positive socialisation
with other babies


Toddlers (1-2 years)

The first few years of a child’s life are the most formative years. It is a time when children effortlessly absorb concepts and habits. It is also the period when roots for a love of learning are established. In the Toddlers classroom, children will be exposed to age appropriate materials that stimulate the absorbent mind and encourage natural curiosity.  The Toddlers classroom bridges the gap between infancy and full toddler independence, where the child learns how to care for and express themselves more sufficiently. Here, we foster self help skills, initiative, exploration, confidence and mastery of routine. Toddlers spend their time exploring a variety of basic lesson materials in all areas, to facilitate both large and small motor development as well as lots of sensory exposure! Early language, mathematics, and science are also explored through use of concrete materials and investigations in nature! Our toddlers initiate and propel their learning at their own unique pace and timing, in eventual preparation for the Preschool Stage.

Preschoolers (2-3 Years)

The Preschoolers are enthusiastically developing more curiosity and motor skills. Green Roots provides this age group a carefully planned environment that allows for various  hands-on sensorial discoveries, social interactions, and individual achievements. Our supportive teachers understand the unique responsibility of ensuring that each child is nurtured and respected in a way that encourages growth in a safe place. In the Preschool room, children are exposed to age appropriate learning materials and equipment that stimulate the mind, advance muscular development, and encourage a natural wonder of the world around them.  Learning concepts continue to follow a natural progression through these activities:


Foundation Stage 1 (3 to 4 years)

Green Roots Foundation Stage program offers a unique, community style environment with hands-on learning materials. Green Roots combines what we feel to be the essence of Early Years Framework into a balanced blend of practical work, project-based spontaneity, and peaceful encounters. Our primary program’s classroom environment has been carefully designed to inspire each child to discover his own learning style through exploration of the materials and through discovering his role within a nurturing community. The teachers observe the children and classroom dynamic in order to base individual and group lessons according to each child’s particular stage of development. The children are self directed and motivated, based on their current interests and developmental stages. It is the role of the adult to assist the children in the process of self-discovery, while allowing opportunities for growth in a non-competitive environment. The environment of the classrooms acts as a “third teacher”. The role of the adult is to provide a welcoming environment that encourages children to freely explore their world and turn every experience into a learning process. The teaching guides aide in this process through careful interaction and encouragement of the natural learning process.

Foundation Stage 2 (4 to 5 years)

At 5 and 6 children are now entering a new stage of development, They are ready to begin the reading journey, and this opens up a whole new world in their eyes. Theya re now able to bring all their learning together and use it towards investigations. They are more inclined in understanding the how and why things work and happen, and are able to carry out. Hyptheis, tests and analyze results. We call this stage ‘School Readiness’ and a combination of play-based


Our educators will help children develop interests in:

Sustainability and the natural world

Science, technology
and math

Reading and

Sport, dance, and physical development

Community events, excursions and contributions

Cultural inclusion including recognition of Indigenous Australians

Self-expression, self-awareness and self-respect

Ensuring your child feels comfortable in a classroom environment and has a desire to engage in learning and with their educators and peers is crucial at this point in their lives. Our classrooms are designed to stimulate learning while helping your child build confidence socially, emotionally and physically, which sets them up for a love of lifelong learning.